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Upload Your Canva Design! 20 Sleeve Pack

  1. Click Design With Canva
  2. Create Your Design Using the Base Template
  3. Download Your Design As A "Print PDF" file
  4. Upload Your Design To The Social Sleeve Designer
Size: 20 Sleeves
Number of Packs

Total Sleeve Count:


We see you are skilled in the ways of Canva! Ready to upload your awesome design?  Simply click the button above and place your file and we can handle the rest. Just remember, this design is a 12 oz Can Sleeve. It is designed to transform your ordinary cans into personalized works of art, this sleeve lets you showcase your unique style in a whole new way. Crafted to fit any 12 oz can, this accessory not only adds a touch of creativity but also doubles as a coaster, ensuring your surfaces stay protected. From intricate patterns to vibrant illustrations, from photos of your favorite memories to quotes that inspire you, you can put anything, and we mean anything, on it. Elevate your beverage experience and make a statement with our custom Can Sleeve – a reflection of your creativity and a conversation starter that adds a touch of you to every sip.

How Does It Work?

1. Click Start Designing

2. Pick The Template That Best Fits Your Events Style & Elements

3. Design To Your Hearts Desire & Submit

4. Printing & Processing 4 to 6 Business Days

5. Shipping & Delivery 2 to 3 Days 

6. Party On!

What Does It Fit?

Social Sleeve can fit any standard 12oz aluminum can and most water bottles. Anything else you'll have to wait for, but they are coming soon!

Custom Shipping & Returns

Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days and all items are made to order and will be shipped out in the order they are received. 

Please Allow At Least 7-10 days For Custom Designs To Be Delivered!

We do no accept returns for custom items, all sales are final. If there is an error with your design, please email us at to and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

We will do our best to get you your order as soon as possible, but please allow time for us to process and print your custom items!

Level Up Your Party Game!

Don't let those pesky labels ruin your style. Social Sleeve is here to help create that atmosphere others will envy. Embrace the spirit of the celebration and become the life of your party!

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